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How To Get Bigger Biceps
(Top 3 Mistakes You Are Probably Making)
When it comes to building an aesthetic physique, one of the first few muscle groups we think of is definitely the arms. Today, we're going to share with you tips on how to build bigger arms, more specially the biceps.

The biceps, when well developed, will help contribute to the fullness of the arms and creates an aesthetic biceps peak when flexing. Also, the biceps is a stubborn muscle group simply because just picking up a dumbbell and curling the heck out of it doesn't work in the long run. Sure it might give you a good pump which definitely wouldn't last long enough for you to see it the next day.

You need to actually pay more close attention to the way you are curling and the techniques we will share below are definitely going to help you grow full and peaky biceps!
Mistake 1: Letting Other Muscle Groups Take Over
This mistake is probably the most common one which allows other muscle groups to "steal" tension from your biceps and allowing your biceps to not work as hard as it should be. Here are some observations to know if you are making this mistake:

Observation 1: Shrugging as you try your best to curl up the weight - Guess the "tension thief" muscle group!

If you guessed the TRAPS, you are absolutely right! If you spot this observation when you're curling next time, the weight is probably too heavy for you as your body is naturally using your traps to curl up the dumbbell for you.

Solution: Try pushing your shoulders down to try to create the maximum distance between your shoulders and your ears before curling. This would prevent your trapezius muscle from affecting the movement and tension on your biceps

Observation 2: - Elbows moving forward as you curl the weight up. Guess the "tension thief" muscle group!
When you're doing some dumbbell curls next time, try facing sideways to spot this mistake. If you observe your elbows shifting back and forth, this means that you are using your front deltoids to take away tension from the biceps.

Solution: Try lowering the weight and ensuring the perfect form by making sure that your elbows are held in a fixed position. If you find difficulty in doing so, try leaning back against a wall and making sure your elbows are constantly "stuck" to the wall as you curl. This would definitely make sure that your front deltoids are not activated and only activating your biceps!

Observation 3: - Bending your wrists as you curl the dumbbell all the way up. Guess the "tension thief" muscle group!
Another subtle mistake is activating your forearms as you bend your wrists during the curl to flex your forearms. This not only takes tension away from the biceps but puts unnecessary stress on your wrists.

Solution: Needless to say for this one, keep your wrists in a neutral position or if you have to, put on some wrists straps to permanently keep your wrists straightened to prevent the forearms from taking away tension from your biceps.
Mistake 2: Not Having A Full Range Of Motion
Although having a partial range of motion can target certain heads of the biceps more effectively, you still want to generally ensure complete overall biceps development before specifically targeting a certain head of the biceps.

In order to maximise the range of motion of the barbell or dumbbell curl, you want "flex" your triceps (not too hard of course) at the bottom of the movement to ensure that your biceps' extension is at its maximum range before curling back up to the top.
Mistake 3: Too Much Volume
A common mistake that people make when they see their biceps not growing is to increase the volume of their curls. This not only won't help in the growth of your biceps but also do more harm than good by overtraining and possibly injuring yourself.

And since on Pull Days where compound exercises such as Pull Ups and Bent Over Rows already activate the biceps, by throwing in 4 more biceps isolation exercises after those compounds will do less benefit than simply focusing on just a few biceps exercises.

Suggestion: If you see your biceps not growing, you might want to cut down on the number of biceps isolation exercises and simply focusing on just 1 - 2 biceps exercises and focus progressively overloading those exercises as well as your main pulling compounds (Pull-Ups, Bent Over Rows, etc)
Those are the top 3 mistakes as well as the solutions you want to keep in mind for your next arms day or pull day if you're looking to grow your biceps! Feel free to bookmark this page for easy reference on your next workout!

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